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Pure Water Window Cleaning

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Pure Water Technology

We use the latest water fed pole and pure water technology to offer you the very best in window cleaning.
This system utilises pure water pumped through an extendable pole to a brush, the window and frame are then brushed and rinsed with the pure water and left to dry naturally for a superior, streak free finish.
The pure water is produced by filtering water through a 5 stage filtration process, this is known as reverse osmosis and de -ionisation, to remove all the minerals and chemicals. 
These are known in the industry as Totally Dissolved Solids (TDS), this is what causes the spot marks when cleaning windows with tap water.
After the filtration process the TDS reading is 000 parts per million (ppm) as oppose to approximately 300 ppm which is usual for tap water in our area.
We carry a TDS meter at all times so can show you the difference between your tap water and our pure water.
Another advantage of using the water fed pole system is the Health & Safety issues associated with working at height. All windows can be cleaned from ground level. Recent legislation states that alternative methods to ladders should be used where possible, the water fed pole is a safer alternative.
It also means that those hard to reach windows can be cleaned, above conservatory roofs for example, these can not normally be done from a ladder.
No chemicals needed so better for the enviroment.
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